Clayton Moving CompaniesA Guide For Moving In Clayton

Looking for the best moving company in Clayton? At Dodge Moving and Storage we move more customers in Clayton every month than most moving companies do in a year. If you are moving to Clayton (or thinking about it), here's a comprehensive checklist of reminders, city rules, and utility links to get started. The city of Clayton’s website and the St. Louis county website are a great first read, but we will review each step in detail to get you going.

Looking for how much it might cost to hire a Clayton moving company? Check out our local moving pricing online (based on house size).

Step One, Turning on UtilitiesPrepare For Your Movers and Helpers

First thing on taking occupancy of your new home and before sending our movers in - you'll want to get the lights turned on. Clayton’s local utility providers are Ameren Corporation, Charter, MSD, Missouri American Water, and Spire (formerly Laclede Gas).

Charter Cable (800) 211-4450 
Spire (formerly Laclede Gas) (314) 995-4800
MSD (314) 768-6260
MO American Water (866) 430-0820
Ameren (314) 342-1000

After moving in you may have a large number of moving boxes (we provide new and used boxes here if you need them). Unless using a dumpster, Clayton requires all boxes to be broken down and bundled together... if they are filled with rubbish items and left out on the curb, they will not be picked up. So make sure to dissassemble them!

Registering for Schools

If you have children of school age, you'll be happy to know Clayton is home to a top-rated public school district, along with many private and parochial school options. In the 2017-2018 school year 99.5 percent of Clayton High School seniors graduated, and 95.2 percent of graduates advanced to two- and four-year colleges. During the same time period, the average ACT composite score was 25.9.

Code Regulations and Permits

Clayton has a tighter set of regulations on movers (than say, St. Charles) when it comes to bringing trucks and trailers to the home for packing and unpacking. Here's their regulations on truck parking, sizes, and types.

Regulations on portable storage units: If you need a portable storage container in Clayton as part of your move, we have them available and ready for you. The rules in Clayton regarding Portable Storage Containers can be found here. Here they provide the latest revisions to number of days you can keep the portable storage container on your property and reasonable use of the storage container in multi-unit dwellings.

Dodge will make sure you stay in the good graces of your neighbors, city, and county.

Clayton, MO On the Map


Clayton lies just down the innerbelt from the Dodge Moving & Storage headquarters in St. Louis - we move hundreds of customers in Clayton every year. We can make your move easy and hassle-free!

Services Offered

All Dodge Moving services are available in Clayton, such as Local Moving, Cross-Country Moving, Portable Storage Containers, and Commercial Movers.