St. Charles Moving Company

Welcome to St. Charles, MO - a beautiful city just west of St. Louis which a number of our customers call home. Here's a comprehensive checklist of items you'll need to get starting moving there. The city of St. Charles website or the St. Charles County site are a great starter for getting your permits, utilities and trash service going when moving in, but we will review each step in detail below.

For estimated pricing on local moving around St. Charles, view our local moving page (based on house size).


First thing on taking occupancy of the house and before sending our movers in - you'll want to get the lights turned on. That's a local link to St Charles' utility providers such as Ameren UE and Laclede gas. In the city, trash pickup will be included in your new home's taxes, but you have a few options on cart size (48, 65, and 95 gallon) - you can see the trash guidelines here.

Specifically after moving in you may have a large number of moving boxes (we provide new and used boxes here if you need them)! St. Charles requires all boxes to be broken down and bundled together... if they are filled with rubbish items and left out on the curb, they will not be picked up. So make sure to dissassemble them!

Appliance pickup is available the city as well for an extra fee. If you need to get rid of an old fridge or washing machine, you can arrange it with Republic Services by phone.

Then finally, after you've arranged for electric, gas, water, and sewer, St. Charles offers online water and sewer bill payment here.

Code Regulations and Permits

St. Charles has a reasonable set of regulations when it comes to bringing trucks and trailers to the home for packing and unpacking. They've written up a set of commonly asked code questions here but the long and short of it is as long as you don't 'encumber' your neighbors and the street with your equipment when loading and unloading, you are good to go.

Trailers parked long term on the property are not to be used for the storage of materials, goods, or equipment. If you need a storage POD as part of your move, we have them available.

St. Charles on a Map


St. Charles is the oldest city on the Missouri River and home to growing and dynamic Lindenwood University.

You can see our Dodge Moving headquarters just across the river in Earth City. You can read more about the history (with Lewis and Clark, and Daniel Boone) here.

Services Offered

All Dodge Moving & Storage services are available in St. Charles, such as Local Moving, Cross-Country Moving, Portable Storage PODS, and Commercial Movers.