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Looking for a moving company in Chesterfield? If you are moving to Chesterfield or thinking about it, here's a comprehensive checklist of the city rules and utility links to get started. The city of Chesterfield website and the St. Louis county website are a great first read, but we will review each step in detail to get you going.

Looking for how much it might cost for a Chesterfield mover? Check out our local moving pricing online (based on house size).

Step One, Turning on Utilities

First thing on taking occupancy of your new home and before sending our movers in - you'll want to get the lights turned on. That's a link to Chesterfield's local utility providers such as Ameren Corporation and Spire (formerly Laclede Gas). Sewer and water are there too. Trash pickup needs to be arranged here, and you have a few options as far as yard waste containers or extra containers.

Of note in moving to Chesterfield: trash containers must be stored out-of-sight behind the building line. See their note to residents (at the top of the page). Also available there are a number of recycling options and your collection schedule.

After moving in you may have a large number of moving boxes (we provide new and used boxes here if you need them). Chesterfield requires all boxes to be broken down and bundled together... if they are filled with rubbish items and left out on the curb, they will not be picked up. So make sure to dissassemble them!

Registering for Schools

If you have children of school age, you'll be happy to know Chesterfield is home to two top-rated public school districts, the Parkway school district and Rockwood school district, along with many private and parochial school options. The dividing line of the Parkway district and Rockwood district roughly can be described that East of Chesterfield Mall will be Parkway, and West will be Rockwood. Either way when moving to Chesterfield you'll have excellent school options.

Code Regulations and Permits

Chesterfield has a tighter set of regulations on movers (than say, St. Charles) when it comes to bringing trucks and trailers to the home for packing and unpacking. Here's their regulations on a time limit for trailer parking.

Regulations on portable storage units: If you need a storage POD as part of your move, we have them available. The rules in chesterfield regarding storage PODs can be found here. Here they provide the latest revisions to number of days you can keep the POD on your property and reasonable use of the storage container in multi-unit dwellings.

Dodge will make sure you stay in the good graces of your neighbors, city, and county.

Chesterfield Map and Proximity


Chesterfield continues to be a location target for Fortune 500 businesses such as Pfizer as well as one of the five Business Incubators in the St. Louis area. Dodge Moving & Storage headquarters lies just up Route 141 in St. Louis - we move hundreds of customers to Chesterfield every year. We can make your move to Chesterfield easy and hassle-free!


(Reviews of moves to Chesterfield, MO from our reviews page)

"Staff was very professional and helpful throughout the process. Because we packed ourselves I had lots of questions and Trish Linhares responded promptly and offered me several suggestions and guided me through the whole process. She is amazing and made this whole experience much easier than I anticipated. When we moved to the east coast my husband's company paid for the move. We went with Dodge/mayflower at that time and had a wonderful experience. I was anticipating more trouble with the process because we were packing everything ourselves but Trish was wonderful. the movers themselves were prompt, polite, and worked very hard. They were helpful with anything that we needed. I can't say enough about the positive experience we've had with you two times. Thank you so much!  Trish Linhares was amazing. She was available to me every time I needed her and was incredibly supportive through the whole process. I don't know what I would have done without her! Thanks to Susan Saale too. She did an excellent job in communicating with me throughout the move!"

Mary H. - Chesterfield, MO
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All Dodge Moving services are available in Chesterfield, such as Local Moving, Cross-Country Moving, Portable Storage PODS, and Commercial Movers.