St. Peters Local Moving CompanyA Guide For Moving In St. Peters, MO

Looking for the best moving company in St. Peters - home of the excellent Rec-Plex and the Sunset Fridays free summer concerts? At Dodge Moving and Storage we move more customers in St. Peters every month than most moving companies do in a year. If you are moving to St. Peters (or thinking about it), here's a checklist of reminders, city rules, and utility links to get started. The city of St. Peters website and the St. Charles county website are a great first read, but we will review each step in detail to get you going.

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Step One, Turning on UtilitiesPrepare For Your Movers and Helpers

First thing on taking occupancy of your new home and before sending our movers in - you'll want to get the lights turned on.

  • Water and sewer -- ext. 1573 at either 636-477-6600 or 636-278-2244.

  • Trash, recycling and yard waste -- 636-970-1456.

  • AmerenUE 1-800-552-7583

  • Laclede Gas Company 1-800-887-4173

Here’s a link to the St. Peters guide on utilities.

After moving in you may have a large number of moving boxes (we provide new and used boxes here if you need them). Unless using a dumpster, St. Peters requires all boxes to be broken down and bundled together... if they are filled with rubbish items and left out on the curb, they will not be picked up. So make sure to dissassemble them!

Code Regulations and Permits

St. Peters resides in the jurisdiction of St. Charles County and follows similar guidelines. Here’s a link to the searchable city ordinances. In general, standard rules on trucks and vans apply.

Regulations on portable storage units: If you need a portable storage container as part of your move, we have them available and ready for you. The rules in St. Peters regarding Portable Storage Containers can be found here. In short, they say “It shall be unlawful and deemed a public nuisance for the owner or occupant of any single-family residence to permit temporary, portable storage [containers] to remain on or in the front yard, driveway or any other location… for a period of time exceeding ten (10) days, in the aggregate, in any thirty (30) day period.”

Dodge will make sure you stay in the good graces of your neighbors, city, and county.

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St. Peters lies just down i-70 from the Dodge Moving & Storage headquarters (on I-70 at the bridge) - we can make your move easy and hassle-free!

Verified Customer Review

“I was impressed with all of the personnel related to the move. Donna Howell was knowledgeable and efficient... also very pleasant. My movers, Mike and Gary, were incredible. Everything was carefully protected and they handled everything with great skill. I couldn't believe how well the two of them were able to move my 7'5" grand piano, a job that usually requires 4 men (and they usually struggle!). Everything arrived safely - nothing damaged, lost, or misplaced. Great job.”

Luise M. - St. Peters
Verified Purchaser: Cross Country Moving Services

Services Offered

All Dodge Moving services are available in St. Peters, such as Local Moving, Cross-Country Moving, Portable Storage Containers, and Commercial Movers.