What To Expect When Rentinga Portable Storage Container

How is pricing calculated?

Transportations are one cost, container rental is monthly, supply rentals are monthly, and supply sales would also add in to the costs.

Roughly what would a single container cost to deliver, pick up, and store for a month?

Normal cost would be $356.00 for use and transportation costs all falling within a month.  But currently we have a special price on the container monthly rental.

How far in advance should I schedule my storage container delivery?

We need at least one day to get your information, email paperwork, get your e-signature, and then deliver the unit.  As summer approaches, most container companies start to run out of units, it would be good to lock down your reservation at least a week in advance.

How should I pack my container to make sure everything is secure inside? Are straps required?

Boxes / totes in 1st, then start the furniture when the tie down rings start, we have a driver who can run through the best way to load, or if you need help loading we have trained men that can be rented per hour to help load the unit.  As about this when you call us for more information.

How should I calculate how many containers I need?

We have free estimates available! Click here for an estimate.  A container can usually fit 3-4 rooms of furniture  (depending on how full the rooms are), and how good you might be at packing.

How long do I have to load/unload the container at my house? Are there legal restrictions on number of days it can be in my driveway?

Typically most municipalities let you have in your driveway for a month.  You can talk with your local City Hall and find out their specific rules.  You could take as long as you need to load it, have us pick it up and bring to our lot for storage, or take it to the new home location.

How long can I store the container with you?

As long as you need us to - no limits there.

Are there additional fees for storage? How much might I be looking at per month?

Normal Container Monthly Rental is $149.00, Monthly Pad Rental is $2.29 Each, Monthly Pull tight Straps Rental $2.29 Each.

Container only Rental = additional $149.00 per month.  Pad rental (example) 10 pads would be a $22.90 additional monthly charge.  Strap Rental (example) 6 straps would be a $13.74 additional monthly charge. And these would re-occur for the 3rd month, 4th month, 5th month, etc., etc., etc.

Any more questions? Please chat or contact us!