Five Reasons Hiring A Moving Company Makes Financial Sense

Whether you are moving because you got your “dream home” or your job changed and you have to move, moving is a stressful undertaking.  One of the first questions we ask ourselves is, “should I do it myself or should I hire a mover”? 

The answer depends on several factors.  The first is how far are you moving?  Down the block or across country? You would think that “down the block” would be a self-move for sure, but not necessarily. Here's a few reasons hiring a moving company to help may actually save you money in the long run.

1. Manpower: Specialty Equipment & Top Floors

Do you have lots of big stuff or heavy stuff like a piano or antiques, a big screen TV or a top load washer and dryer?  These items can require special handling or at the very least some really strong helpers!  Do you have stairs at your current home or at your new residence?  Stairs are a mover’s nightmare.  How close can you get to your residence to load or deliver?  Having to carry furniture a long distance can be very difficult, and getting a piano down from a second story can take renting specialty equipment and expertise.

2. Missing Work or Using Vacation

If you are moving across country there are all of the above factors plus: cost of a truck for several days, hotel or motel stays, fuel and eating out, loss of work or vacation time. Missing 4-5 days of work can often cost more than the move itself, without all the benefits of having professional movers take care of it all.

3. Liability For Your Belongings

Moving across country also puts more stress on your belongings. They must be properly padded and packed to avoid scratches, rubs and breakage.  You will need more sturdy moving boxes and packing materials. And ultimately, if you move yourself and something breaks, there's no counter-party to help make everything right.

4. Unloading Upon Arrival

One thing most people don’t consider in a DIY across country move is – who is going to help you unload?  It was friends and family at origin, but you probably won’t know anyone in your new city, so make sure to think about that.  If you call a local labor pool, be sure they are background checked and insured! 

5. Weather

Weather can be a huge factor in any move.  If you are moving yourself locally you will probably be better off to rent an enclosed truck, if it starts to rain it is not good.  Haven’t you seen those pick-up trucks going down the highway with a mattress and a couch getting soaked in the pouring rain?   Going cross country driving a moving truck can really be tricky in bad weather.  Consider your destination and if possible plan your move to take place during good weather for that area.

So should you hire a professional mover?  It would be a good idea to at least get quotes from some moving companies.  You may be surprised that for a few more dollars you can have your move done professionally and save yourself some back breaking work. 

Tips for Saving Money on Your Next Move

  • Most moving companies will let you do as much or as little as you want to do to save some money and they will price your move accordingly. If you are looking to utilize a team of family and friends, make sure to mention this.

  • Many moving companies offer a pod-type container that can be dropped on your driveway and you can load at your convenience eliminating the stress of hurrying to get a truck back on time. They will drop it at your residence at destination, thus saving you all the driving.

By considering all the options, totaling the costs, evaluating your time and inconvenience you should be able to come up with the proper solution for your move. 

Whichever option you choose, a full-service move, a container move or the adventurous DIY move – GOOD LUCK and enjoy your new home.