How to Select the Best Time of Year to Move

Are you planning to move to or from St. Louis? Our customer - for privacy we'll just leave it at Kathy from Chesterfield, MO - recently had questions about when would be the best time to schedule a move if you could choose any time of the year. Not everyone has the luxury of waiting until an optimal time of year, but read on to find some tips on selecting the Best time of the Year to Move:

"I am planning to move.  I am very flexible about when I am able to move.  Can you tell me, when is the best time to move?  I have spoken with friends and co-workers who have moved and got all kinds of answers.  What do you suggest?"

Excellent question Kathy. Most people are locked into a certain time frame for their move. They have to be at their destination for a job or kids starting school.  It is fortunate you have flexibility.  Since you are flexible, I will give you some options to think about.  There are several variables to consider so you can get the best value for your moving dollar.  

#1: Weather Concerns & Delays

If you are moving across the southern tier of states weather is not so much a factor.  However, if you are moving in the Midwest or the northern tier of states in winter, weather is definitely a factor.  You may experience longer transit times due to road closure or weather events.  If you are able to pick the right time in the off peak season (October through April) you can usually get better pricing and avoid weather delays.   

#2: Moving During Holiday Season

Since you are flexible, try not to schedule your move during the holiday season. Although we try to make your move stress free, moving is still considered a stressful event.  Moving during the holidays adds an extra pressure.  If you have to move try to schedule your move early so you can be in your new place for the holidays or wait until after the holidays.  Spend the holidays with family and friends, it is a great time to get together tell everyone good bye and give them your new address.

#3: Are you moving with children?

Children in the family usually precipitate a move when school is out. As you might imagine EVERYONE wants to move during summer, so it is the busiest time of the year for moving companies.   If you move during the “peak season” you may experience longer transit times and higher pricing.  Having said that, if you are able to move in the middle of the month as opposed to the beginning or end of the month you can get a better choice of move dates and better pricing.   

4: Where are you moving to and from?

Moving companies have heavy outbound areas/inbound areas and depending on the area you live you may receive better pricing.  Your sales person can advise you on all pricing.   

So Kathy, I hope I have given you some helpful information and things to consider. Remember, whenever you decide to move we hope call Dodge Moving and Storage.