Kirkwood Moving CompaniesA Guide for Moving in or out of Kirkwood

Kirkwood - for those living or visiting there - is home of the pleasant sounds of church bells and a low train in the distance. It has a provides a different atmosphere than many car-reliant communities: Kirkwood Park and the downtown area provide food and entertainment within walking distance of most residents, while the award-winning school district is uniquely set up for children to walk to school.

At Dodge we are proud to be one of the mostly commonly used moving companies for moves in or out of Kirkwood.

Remember, when selecting a move-date, there’s a few days of the year you may need to schedule around, particularly Greentree Festival in the fall or the car show in June. Parades, block parties, and other activities may have your new home’s street closed! Dodge Moving can help arrange your move correctly.

Prepare For your movers: Turn on Utilities

Kirkwood has a unique utility provider: Kirkwood Electric. Unlike in Chesterfield or Maryland Heights, when moving to Kirkwood you won’t contact Ameren UE for electric service. Kirkwood Electric sponsors a number of the local events such as the 4th of July Fireworks, and their monthly statements include reminders of local events, regulations, and other happenings.

So start with Kirkwood Electric, then you’ll need to setup Kirkwood water service, sewer with MSD, gas service with Spire, and Kirkwood trash service. As a new resident you may want to sign up for Trash Talk, the City's e-newsletter about all things trash, by sending an email to

After moving in you may have a large number of moving boxes (we provide new and used boxes here if you need them). Make sure to dissassemble them to fit the trash receptacles or sell them back to Dodge.

What Are Kirkwood Code Regulations?When Might I need a Permit? What Kind?

Kirkwood has a New Resident Guide here to acquire your occupancy permit. If you are one of the growing number of work-at-home professionals and plan to operate a business in Kirkwood, you may need to register a business license subject to a 0.1% revenue tax. When it comes to parking moving trailers and trucks at your property (how long can that Storage Container or RV stay?), here's a link to searchable Kirkwood City ordinances.

Kirkwood On the Map


Kirkwood is centrally located in West County, and Dodge Moving & Storage headquarters lies just up highway I-270 in St. Louis. We can make your move to Kirkwood easy and hassle-free!

Services Offered

All Dodge Moving services are available in Kirkwood, such as Local Moving, Cross-Country Moving, Portable Storage Containers, and Commercial Moving.