We sell new and used boxes 50% cheaper than other retailers. Our used moving boxes are in good condition with no holes, tears, or stains.

Call us today to place your order for new or used boxes. We buy back your boxes when you are done with them! Plus, delivery is available, please contact us and ask for "The Best Price Boxes" for details!


We thank you for considering used moving boxes and supplies. By doing so you are not only saving money and conveniently getting rid of your boxes following your move, but you are being a friend to the environment.

Did you know that recycling one ton of cardboard:

1.    Saves 17 trees cut down and used for pulp
2.    Saves 7000 gallons of water
3.    Cuts pollution
4.    Saves 11 barrels (462 gallons) of oil
5.    Saves more than 3 Cu yards of landfill space

Moving Boxes Used New
Small (16x12x12) or Quickset (w/ handles) Books, tools, canned goods, albums $0.89 $1.39
Medium (18x18x16) Electronic Components, shoes, pots, pans, tupperware $1.29 $1.99
Large (24x18x18) Linens, games, bedding, toys, large lamp shades $1.79 $2.69
X-Large (24x18x24) $1.99 $3.70
Wardrobe 24" Garments, coats, all hanging clothes $6.49 $10.49
Dishpacks (18x18x28) Dishes, china, collectibles, lamps, stemware, breakables $2.99 $4.50
Picture/Mirror Box - (2-Piece) $2.49 $4.19
Picture/Mirror Box - (4-Piece) $3.99 $7.15
Lamp $2.49 $5.19
TV Box Fits a flat screen up to 60" $50.00 $105.00