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Corporate Record Storage Management St Louis

Our 82,000 square feet state of the art storage facility is equipped to securely store your household or commercial items for as long as you require. For distribution projects, we have all the resources to professionally manage your needs. For a no-obligation moving quote, complete the "Request a Quote" window on this page or call us at 314-344-4300.

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St Louis Inventory Management

As you search various inventory management companies to help with your inventory needs, look no further than Dodge Moving & Storage Co. We have been active in inventory management and corporate record storage management for over 20 years providing a superior level of customer service. Our inventory management and corporate record storage management services can provide you with a real-time, accurate overview of where each of your products stands. Whether your needs are on-site or off-site, we scan each item and track it as it moves. Your company can track it with our inventory control systems to provide customers with on-line access, so you have a clear view of where your products are located. This service is crucial to your distribution success.

Our inventory management and corporate record storage management solution gives your business a competitive edge by allowing you to have full transparency over your stock. This means you will never lose a sale by falling behind on getting your goods to market. By tracking where your product is with our software and bar code scanning services, we provide your business with a way to manage systems more accurately. We can act as your partner, making you more efficient and more competitive.

Our Inventory Management and Corporate Record Storage Management team can work with you and help control your inventory by identifying the product by location and part number. This will maintain an accurate history of inventory activity. With our staffing, equipment, and expertise, we have the resources to make it happen from small to large projects.

For more details on our scanning software go to or contact one of our service representatives today to learn how we can customize our services to your inventory management needs.