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Know Your Rights

We know that you're entrusting us with most of your personal possessions and we want you to be able to make the most educated decision during this important time in your life. That’s why we have put the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s consumer protection regulation documents on our Website to provide as an additional resource.

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Rights & Responsibilities Guide

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Ready To Move Guide

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For additional information,

please visit the FMCSA's Web site.

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Cheap Movers St Louis

You are about to allow complete strangers to drive away with everything you own!

We know that in today’s economy, it’s very tempting to try and find the cheapest mover available. And with that fact in mind, Dodge Moving & Storage does everything possible to keep our prices competitive in the greater St. Louis area and Illinois. We’re certain that when you get a moving quote from us, you’ll be pleased with how it compares to other reputable area providers. Give us a call, and check out our rates as Cheap Movers in St Louis with the highest quality service. We’ll likely not only beat the competition by price but hands down in quality.

We encourage you to make your decision based not only on the price, but the quality, expertise, experience, and reputation of the moving company you are getting a moving quote from. Remember, the Cheap Movers in St. Louis you choose is handling all of your most prized possessions, so it’s critical to know they will treat your move with professionalism and care.

Moving companies that focus on price alone may not hire the focus on quality, timeliness, and customer service that we pride ourselves on at Dodge. Our employees take great care in packing, moving, and storing your valuables so as to ensure their safety. Can you get the same promise from budget movers and cheap movers? Or will you wind up spending extra money to replace broken items from a sloppy mover?

Additionally, one of the most unfortunate outcomes that can occur when hiring a cheap mover is they may not actually be a mover at all. Many companies establish an online presence in a market, take a consumer’s money, and then never show up to complete the move. So while you thought you were getting a great price, in reality you’ll wind up spending more money because you will still have to hire a legitimate mover for your project.

At Dodge the best Cheap Movers St Louis has to offer, you’ll get the highest quality service at a competitive price. Beware of movers offering the “cheapest moving quotes” or “budget moving solutions,” as you may wind up with much greater expense than you could have imagined! So whether you are moving in St. Louis, St. Charles or Illinois be sure to give us a call. The quote is free, so why not request a quote today. Our friendly staff is eager to speak with you.